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The SAAF FUND has secured a Short Term Insurance program, owned by SAAF FUND with Lleader Underwriting Management (Pty) Ltd (Lleader). The insurance program supplies a multi quote platform and contact centre to assists SAAF members with short term quotes for their personal vehicles and/or household contents.

Following, salient detail for perusal and action where applicable on the LLEADER SHORT TERM INSURANCE offering to ALL SAAF FUND members.


We share the opinion with Lleader, a Centurion based Company, that the SAAF FUND should ring fence and capitalise on value added programs (in this case short term insurance) to create benefits to their members and implement a strategy to generate annuity income whereby SAAF FUND apply the income to the benefit of every individual member.

Lleader’s operating model will assist SAAF FUND and members with:

¡        Standardisation in application.

¡        Information regards insurance options, products, services and processes across the short term insurance spectrum.

¡        Administrative insurance solutions, services and processes within ONE centralised operation. 


Lleader is in a position where they can deliver an independent stand-alone quoting model backed by numerous leading insurers in South Africa via a dedicated Contact Centre which has an in- and outbound capacity with a full services spectrum inclusive of voice capturing (Compliancy), underwriting and issuing of policies, full administrative, claims and emergency- as well as monthly reconciliation and financial services backing.

Accessing or obtaining quotes can be via:

·            The SAAF FUND Web address and clicking on the Insurance Button where relevant information regarding LLEADER can be captured as well as guidelines to access the system.

·            By sending an e mail to Lleader

·            By phoning LLEADER Contact Centre

·            By SMS (All relevant contact details will be supplied in due course).


The following renowned Insurers in the SA Insurance Industry is hosted on the multi quote platform:

¡           Santam

¡           Regent

¡           Mutual & Federal

¡           Auto & General

¡           New National

¡           Unity

¡           Chartis


The following wide range of products is on offer to be utilised by our members where a need arises:

¡           Business Insurance

¡           Domestic Insurance

¡           Stand Alone Motor, Taxi, Truck and Bus Insurance

¡           Commercial Insurance


Besides the products that they offer, Lleader provides the following services to the SAAF Fund and its members:

¡           Full policy admin services

¡           Product design

¡           Claims administration services

¡           Emergency call centre assistance

¡           Insurance fund administration

¡           Management Information Services

¡           Web based multi quoting systems

¡           Database management

¡          Client retention programs



1.    From the above it was concluded by the SAAF FUND that Each Command structure will receive 50% of the payable commission structures per policy taken out by a member of the specific formation a member belongs to and will be paid over to the Regimental Fund of the formation with proof of members who placed Short Term policies through the auspices of the SAAF Fund with Lleader. The remaining 50% will be adjudicated to the SAAF Fund to benefit the SAAF community as a whole.

2.    The Short Term Insurance package will allow all members to access LLEADER through the Air Force Fund Website by going to info@airforcefund.co.za and “clicking” on the Short Term Insurance BUTTON – accessing the “request to quote pane” supplied and filling in the required fields, forwarding to Lleader by “clicking” the “send” button! This function will be available shortly! The LLEADER Contact Centre will then call the member to commence and finalise the process of issuing quotations to choose from and also finalise the Policy issuing procedures derived from   leading Insurers in SA from which to choose from.

3.     To ensure that members take up and support the offer on large scale, LLEADER will grant all members with present Short Term Insurance portfolios (Current and paid up Policies) the option to “transfer” existing policies to Lleader (Granting immediate financial gain to the Bases/Units and SAAF Fund)! Full information on the procedures to be followed in this regard will be advised in due course!


4.    Following is an example of the process flow for your information:

Lleader has built a strong foundation within the management and administration of insurance

programs. The benefits  of which Lleader wants to share, built and implement within the Insurance market, fits perfectly within the SAAF FUND environment and its Mission to add value for its members and most important to create revenue streams within, which will ensure annuity income to support its members on various fronts of activities and needs.

1.    It is therefore of the utmost importance that Commanding Officers take this opportunity to heart and ensure that each and every member of the SAAF regularly and ongoing, take note of the opportunity and call, to loyally support this offer whereby a win - win situation can be created to benefit members on Base/Unit and SAAF FUND level – knowing that they are laying a new foundation to solely benefit themselves for the years to come!

2.    Please note that two competitions will run from inception to 31 October 2010 whereby a lucky Air Force member who placed his/her Short Term Insurance portfolio through the SAAF FUND on the LLEADER system during this period, will stand a chance to win a lucky draw of  R1 000 and also a reward of R2000 for the formation Commanding Officer’s Regimental Fund who ensured that his Base or Unit subscribed the most entrants (Which was accepted by LLEADER on or before 31 October 2010) to the SAAF FUND/LLEADER initiative during this period, which will be announced before 15 November 2010!

I sincerely thank you for the personal involvement you as Commanding Officer of your Base/Unit will take to further the initiatives of the SAAF FUND of which you are a stakeholder to secure benefits and income streams which will ultimately favour every SAAF member and also make them feel proud to be members of the SAAF FUND!


You can contact Lleader in the following ways:

¡           Call the Contact Centre on 0861 236 876

¡           SMS the word "SAAF" to 4002

¡           E-Mail your name and number to salesSAAF@lleader.co.za

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