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Thank you for visiting our website. This  site was designed with the purpose of making information accessible to SA Air Force Fund (SAAFF) members, describing the benefits and services available to the members of this Fund.

The Fund management have carefully selected a wide range of benefits and services, and guarantee they will be of value to the members and their immediate families.

Members are encouraged to make use of these benefits and services as it will certainly result in a financial saving to them.
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Wynand Bauer -  Manager - South African Air Force Fund  

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Notice: If you have any suggestions about the SAAF Fund, Accommodation or the website, please write a letter and send it to us  at "SAAF Fund, Private Bag X 199, Pretoria, 1001"

Avoid blacklisting, repossession of assets, administration and sequestration.

SA Air Force Fund

The South African Air Force Fund is an officially acknowledged  establishment which strives to render a service to its  beneficiaries, within the bounds of the financial means available  to it, with benefits, which the State does not provide.

 Why a Fund?
The Fund is the one non-public establishment in the South  African Air Force which provides, within its means, for the  interest and needs of all the beneficiaries. The activities of the  Fund are not confined to any region or area and the Fund does  not discriminate against any of its beneficiaries.

 Who May Share in the benefits of the Fund?
The following members are eligible to become members of the Fund and share in the benefits.
 a. Regular Force members of the SAAF who are voluntary  contributing to the Fund.
 b. Public Service Act Personnel of the SAAF who are voluntary contributing to the Fund from a date prior to demilitarization.
 c.  Public Service Act Personnel who occupies approved post on the establishment of the SAAF who are voluntary contributing to the Fund.
 d. Members of the SAAF Reserve Force who are contributing members of the Fund....
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